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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process.  We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

  • Ingrown Toenail

“My doctor referred me to Dr. Miki Hori at the Harrisonburg Foot & Ankle Clinic with high marks, so I felt comfortable coming in. At my appointment I was treated fantastically by the front office staff who treated me warmly like a close friend. Then I was led to the treatment room where the technician got my info and prepared me for treatment. Shortly after, Dr. Hori came in and performed her magic. I never felt a thing. So great not to have to suffer pain. I just had my one week follow up and am doing well, with no pain or problems. I really think Dr. Hori and the staff at the office are top notch and would highly recommend them.”


  • Podiatry

“The Harrisonburg Foot Clinic is the place to go for all of your podiatry needs. The doctors and staff are all skilled professionals who are attentive to their patients' individual needs. It is reassuring to be treated with genuine respect and understanding.”


  • Plantar Fasciitis

“I developed heel pain and saw Dr. Hori who diagnosed and treated what proved to be plantar fasciitis. On both occasions, Dr. Hori was incredibly patient and empathetic with the discomfort involved. After 3 weeks on oral nsaids and only moderate relief, she gently injected my heel with a steroid. Within 3 weeks, I had no further problems. She repeatedly worked me in for a visit the same day I called her office. Dr. Hori is a gifted and kind podiatrist who truly cares about her patients and always exhibits a concerned and special bedside manner. As a pharmacist, I have had the opportunity to recommend several of my patients to her, including my wife, and each of them has raved of her both her diagnostic and clinical expertise. I would heartily endorse and recommend Dr. Hori to anyone with foot problems.”


  • Ingrown Toenails

“I have suffered from ingrown toenails my whole life. Two of my children have also dealt with the pain and discomfort of ingrown toenails. Dr. Hori has removed both sides of both big toenails for both myself and my daughter. My son had a section of nail removed, so that it grew in straighter. I have to say that it was the best thing that we have done. The procedure is performed at the consulting appointment, with no waiting to have it performed. Dr. Hori is very professional and caring. The toe was numbed and the procedure is very quick. They give you very clear instructions for the at home care. I haven't had any complications from the procedures that I have had. My daughter, who is nine years old and has suffered terribly with lots of pain, no longer has any problems from her toenails.

I highly recommend, if you are suffering from painful ingrown toenails, that you have them removed. The procedure permanently fixes the nail so that there isn't any more pain from the ingrown section of nail. A few days of very mild discomfort, for a lifetime of no more problems. I can't thank Dr. Hori enough for the relief that she has brought to our family. Thank-you Dr. Hori, and thank-you Harrisonburg Foot and Ankle Clinic!”


  • Bilateral foot surgeries with major corrections

“I had right foot surgery in 2012 after suffering with foot pain for several years. I realized I had to do something when I notice the pain was altering the way I walked and was causing pain in my ankle, knee and hip. My foot required a major revision of multiple bones. It has healed beautifully. My left foot pain again started to cause problems further up the leg and back. I knew this time not to wait. I had the surgery in February 2018, and it was less complicated and fortunately did not require as much revision. Being a healthcare provider myself, I find Dr Hori to be the perfect combination of a very skilled surgeon, a compassionate listener and someone you can relate too. I highly recommend her. In addition, the medical and office staff are friendly, efficient and thorough. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. Plus, I love their new building!”


  • Surgery on right big toe, bone spurs, cysts, arthritis right foot, 2 ingrown toenails removed

“Dr. Hori was excellent in explaining to me what to expect from surgery and what she would be doing to correct my issues. She and her staff have been very pleasant and friendly to me and my wife throughout all the office visits and recovery time. Would highly recommend Dr. Hori to anyone needing surgery or having problems with their feet.”


  • Foot treatments:
    Amputation and Tendon Cut

“I have been treated by Dr Hori for several foot issues, and I have found her and her staff to be skilled and caring! They have treated problems quickly before the problems could develop into worse problems after explaining all the options to me! I have been very pleased with the care I have received!”


  • Surgery for Morton's Neuroma

“I visited Dr. Hori for foot pain. She diagnosed my problem as Morton's Neuroma. She tried injections first, which brought temporary relief for a time. Finally, decided that I needed surgery to correct the problem. She was absolutely correct!! Surgery and now no pain, no problem!! She was caring and very professional from the beginning of my care. Highly recommend this practice to anyone!!”


  • Bunionectomy

“Had a great doctor and appointment scheduled when I needed them. Dr. Hori is very good and explains things so you can understand.”


  • Bone Spur Removal;
    Plantar Faciotomy

“Thank you Dr. Hori for two successful surgeries! You have make a big difference to me. After 30 years of suffering with plantar facitis, the pain relief is incredible. I am looking forward to healing up form the spur removal and resuming my normal fitness activities!.”


  • Foot Surgery

“This is the second foot I've had done by Dr. Hori. I can't say enough good things about her. Great care from start to release. Feet are like new.”


  • Bone Spur Surgery

“I first saw Dr. Hori in the fall of 2011 when I had a fairly large corn develop on the inside of the fifth toe. It was accompanied by a sharp pain in the toe that made it difficult to walk. Dr. Hori removed the corn and then took x-rays of the area. The x-rays revealed a bone spur in the toe that in turn caused the corn and the pain. She said that removing the corn would provide temporary relief but she advised that I return for in-office surgery to remove the bone spur.

Sure enough, the pain returned about three months later and I decided to have the surgery. Dr. Hori performed the surgery in the office. She worked quickly and confidently and except for a pinch when injecting the local anesthesia there was no discomfort during the procedure. Following the surgery she took x-rays to confirm that the bone spur was gone. I was able to walk immediately and only needed to wear a surgical boot for two days. The incision was very small and did not require a stitch.

In the past four weeks, I have been back for two follow-up visits and everything is fine. Recovery was quick and without any problems. I am back to my regular activities including three strenuous workouts a week at the local gym.

I can recommend Dr. Hori without reservation. She is competent, listens carefully and develops a good rapport with the patient.”


  • Foot Treatment

I had pain in my foot for ten years. Dr. Hori examined my foot and operated same day. There was no pain at all. These people are very professional, and I'm walking fine. I recommend this doctor.